A deck addition onto your home can be a significant investment, so it is important that the deck materials are attractive and easy to maintain.  If you are looking to keep the space underneath your deck clean and dry, then Underdecking may be the right option! 

This system attaches to the joists below the deck. It captures and diverts the water and dirt that falls through the gaps in your deck and the water and dirt travels onto the drainage sections at the end of the deck, or is channeled through rain gutters and downspouts to direct the flow of water and debris away from your home.

This system offers a variety of uses including patio space, a hot tub area, screened enclosure, storage space, and may other creative ideas.  No matter if you simply want to enjoy a restful snooze lounging outdoors, or host a friendly BBQ, there will be no concern that a little rain might disrupt the activity.

Features Include:

Can be installed on existing or new deck construction

Removable panels allow for easy access

Easy to clean with mild soap and water

Made from exterior grade PVC — it’s not affected by treated lumber like aluminum is

Won’t fade, mold, rust

No lost head room

Can be custom cut around vents

Quick and easy to install

Interlocking design is water-tight