Why buy Unilock pavers? Unilock leads the industry with proprietary technologies ensuring that your paver and wall project will provide many years of enjoyment.  Concrete pavers are manufactured using various innovative technologies that can enhance every aspect of the paver, including its appearance.  There are 3 different levels of pavers: Classic, Enduracolor and Elegance.

Classic Pavers

Our budget-friendly, Unilock Classic pavers and walls are manufactured to exceed as ASTM standards for quality and strength.  Available in classic shapes and styles, these products utilize a traditional product mix of large and small aggregates, that is consistent from top to bottom, with color mixed throughout.

Enduracolor Pavers

EnduraColor products are manufactured in a two step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top.  EnduraColor products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through.

Elegance Pavers

DEEP, RICH COLORS and a multitude of unique Realatextures combine to deliver the timeless beauty of Unilock Elegance. From the timeworn look of European cobblestones, to the classic luxury of riven natural stone slabs, our Elegance collection offers styles you can’t get anywhere else and thanks to UltimaConcrete, the look you purchase is the look that will last, with up to 4x the strength of poured in place concrete.


Fire pits are crowd-pleasers. Lighting up a fire is a natural way to create a focal point at an outdoor gathering. Whether it’s the hypnotic dancing flames or some sort of primal memory, the fact is that people love to gather around fire. And if you’re looking for an excuse to invite people, all you need to say is “We’re lighting up the fire pit tonight. Want to come over?”

A fire pit is an outdoor feature you can use year-round. Whether you have loads of outdoor space and want to create a built-in fire pit, or you have a small patio that you’d like to add a portable fire pit to, we can help!

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall holds back (or “retains”) the soil behind it. The pressure behind a tall wall, holding back tons of soil and water, can be enormous; considerable knowledge and experience is needed before undertaking such a project. Even a well-constructed wall would be compromised over time if the builder were to fail to provide a proper outlet for runoff, as water pressure would eventually build up to an unsustainable level.