Here at CMR, we do our free estimates a little differently.  We schedule an in-home site inspection to see the area, take necessary measurements and discuss your design ideas and color scheme. After our initial meeting, we hope we have gained enough knowledge to truly understand your design ideas for your Outdoor Living space.  Next, we invite you into our showroom to review the specific products and materials.  While you are here, we will sit in our Design Center and show you your project in 3D and review the specifics.  We would like you to have a comfort level with us and our team.  We are here to earn your business and feel this approach is better for both the customer and us as well. We can make any design changes or product category changes, at that time, in order to determine a final number for the project.  This step is especially helpful when there are several installations/projects happening at the same time by CMR.

After a design and price have been determined, the next step is to accept the contract.  At this stage, everyone should have an understanding of the materials used and how the design will come together.

The following information should be used as a resource to help you prepare for the smooth implementation of your project.

The first step is to accept and sign the proposal.  We also ask that you review the warranty information on our website.  By signing the proposal you are also agreeing to the items listed under our Warranty page.  Once the proposal is signed and return to CMR with a deposit, we can hold an installation date for you and get started on your project. The estimated installation date is based on the lead-time for materials and/or building permit, as well as the first-come/first-serve basis – in terms of customers that sign prior to you.  Any delays in the start date will be communicated to you as they arise.

PLEASE REMEMBER we do respect your schedule and will do our very best to maintain our installation schedule. We do not want to rush our crews on their current project just to get started on your project.  Just as we wouldn’t want them installing your project in a rush either.  

If a building permit is needed, CMR will begin this process on your behalf. In many cases, the local zoning office will require an application first. Once it passes then we can apply for a building permit. PLEASE NOTE: During the spring and summer months this process can take up to 6 weeks. This process is totally out of our control as we are at the mercy of the Zoning/Building Permit office. If a permit is required, we cannot start to build until it has been approved. Our office will be in contact with you in regards to the timing and installation date.

Please note that the customer is responsible for any homeowner’s association approval and are urged to use the plan designs given by CMR to seek this approval.

Once we have approval to build, we will have the materials delivered to your property. In most cases, delivery drivers will drop the load in your driveway so your grass is not damaged. Please keep in mind the materials may stay there, for a small period of time, depending on the size of your project. CMR is not liable for damages caused by delivery trucks (as they are not our employees and we can’t control outside sources). We are also not responsible for any materials, purchased by customer, that are left unattended on property. Please safeguard your materials before and during construction.

We ask, before the project begins, that you move all items off the old deck or away from the area that construction may take place so that it does not get damaged.

When your project begins, customers are urged to keep away from the building process to ensure safety of everyone while we are on site building. Due to safety guidelines we ask customers to remain a short distance away from the working area.  Our crews simply need space to work.  NOTE: For your safety, decks are not to be walked on at any time until final inspection is passed.

During the building process the customer is encouraged to ask questions or address any concerns as they may arise regarding the progress.

Typically, when a permit is involved, there are two or three inspections required throughout the building process which may cause the crew working on your deck (or other project) to wait for a county inspector to come out and complete their inspection. We may have to pull off your job in order for the inspection process to take pace.  This process is completely handled by CMR and the reason why we may have to pull off your job for a day or two.

We have employees that are trained professionals to handle your installation. Either the Owner or the Project Manager will review your project everyday to see the daily progress. If you have any questions or concerns during the installation process, please feel free to call the office or the Owner, Craig Evert at any time.

We remain on your project until it’s complete. If bad weather or rain occurs, we will stop until the weather passes. Once completed, we will call for the final inspection, if applicable.

Once the project is a day or two away from completion, we ask that you complete a final walk through with our team and also have a “punch list” created, if applicable.  The final walk through is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have and also is the time in which you should inspect the project for any irregularities or errors that exist. At this time all remaining balances will be collected by CMR. We do take photo’s of all of our work and may use them in our advertising or marketing. We may use your project images in the media or printed materials (including social media) for advertising purposes only.

Please visit our website to sign up for any product manufacturer warranties that you may need to registered for.  Merchandise and materials are covered exclusively by the manufacturer’s warranty, as applicable.

Enjoy your new outdoor living space!