Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

Everything we do is 100% custom designed and custom manufactured for you and your space. Having one of our team members come to your home to review the area, listen to your wants/needs and recommend an ideal solution for your individual project is the best way to get the most accurate price.

Q: How much is a Sunroom?

This is a common question, but a difficult one to answer because no two sunrooms are going to be built exactly the same. Many factors determine the cost such as foundation, where and how we would attach the room to your home, efficiency wanted, local building code requirements, the amount of windows wanted and your design ideas… meaning there’s no set cost for a Sunroom.

In general, most Sunrooms are cheaper than full-blown additions because it cuts down on build-time, which saves on the labor cost.

Q: What kind of Warranty does your Sunroom have?

We confidently offer a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all our Sunrooms.  Which means if you ever sell your home, the warranty would transfer to the new homeowner.

Q: Can I add a Sunroom or Screen Room to my deck?

Yes, you can add a these structures to your deck, but we may need to modify the deck structure to support the added weight of the room. Every situation is different, especially if the existing deck is older or has deteriorated.

Q: How long does it take to install a Patio Cover or a Pergola?

Determining the time it takes to install a Patio Cover or Pergola (or any of our Maintenance-Free products) is primarily based on size and how it’s mounted.  Typically, they can be installed in just a few days.

Q: Can I stand on my Patio Cover?

Yes you can! Our Patio Covers are strong enough to walk on and can sustain a Level 4 hurricane.

Q: Are the Patio Covers loud when it rains?

I think that the noise level can be subjective. To some it’s soothing and others it may not be. Is it loud? Not really, but just enough that it isn’t completely quiet.   Head on over to our Patio Cover page to listen to the video of it raining outside.

Q: How much does a Patio Cover cost?

What determines the cost of a patio cover is size, style chosen and how we install it. The exact cost depends on the style you choose, as well as how your home property is laid out, but pavilions of any type can be pricey. By choosing CMR, however, you can be absolutely certain that you will get high-quality product and installation for the price you pay. Also, we offer a number of financing options through in order to ensure the affordability of your new outdoor project.

Q: What is the purpose of a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure designed to offer partial shade. A basic design would have a regularly spaced crossbeams that go from one side to the other of the frame offering shade but with significant gaps to allow light thru and to maintain a bright airy feel. Being that’s it’s aluminum, you can growing plants up and over the structure without having to maintain any wood (like a wood pergola).

Q: How many different types of Pergolas do you offer?

We currently offer two different ‘fixed’ styles and two different Operable Pergolas (aka Louvered Roofs).  Each style offers it’s own features and benefits.

Q: Which Pergola is best for you? Aluminum vs. Wood

When making the decision for what kind of material you want your Pergola to be made out of, it is best to do your thinking outside. Standing in your current outdoor space, how can you see the aesthetics best enhanced? Perhaps you are envisioning a particular color or a modern (or rustic) vibe.

It is important to imagine yourself not only utilizing the space for fun, but performing routine maintenance as well. Although you may have great visions of spending a weekend every two years sanding and re-staining your wooden pergola, if your summer schedule is often hectic, you might find yourself slacking on this necessary upkeep that may vastly shorten the longevity of your investment. If a quick pressure wash every now and then is more your style, you will do well to go with aluminum. If you’re looking for top quality and something more sophisticated then the aluminum pergolas are made for you.

In the end, whichever pergola you choose is likely to become a permanent addition to your home, so you should make sure that you are completely content with your decision before moving forward with the project.

Q: What is your Pergola made from?

Our Pergolas are constructed from fully extruded, heavy-duty aluminum.  It is light weight and load bearing.  The structure also has a stunning electrostatic finish that requires virtually no annual maintenance. Plus, our pergolas are crack, peel, and warp-resistant and will never become infested with insects.

This means you get a beautiful structure without high maintenance so you can enjoy it.

Q: How long will my Patio Cover/Pergola last?

Since our Patio Covers and Pegolas are both stable and weatherproof, they can last much longer than conventional wooden structures. They are also made from premium grade materials, so they will not rust or corrode like other brands. Finally, they are built solid, allowing them to withstand wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour.

No matter which style you choose, the products are backed by a warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting structure that you can enjoy year-round.

Q: What types of decks do you build?


98% of the decks we build are Composite Decks.  It’s a durable, gorgeous look that is nearly maintenance free and has a much longer lifespan that regular wooden decks. Composite is a popular choice for many home owners and deck owners nowadays. Composite is designed to look exactly as wood does, however, it is resistant to flaws such as peeling, cracking, fading or splintering. Most composite decking material is created from saw dust, bonding materials and plastic resins which help the wood resist natural deterioration and warping, whether through sun or moisture.


Pressure treated wood is a revolutionary type of wood that is often used in retaining walls, docks, coops, decks and other various structures. This is a very durable wood that has shown to withstand the test of time better than untreated woods. Pressure treated wood is durable in any decking or patio project you may have.

No matter where it is, regular wood will rot and deteriorate as time goes on. This is just the nature of organic matter. Insects will infest it, water will erode it, sun exposure will eat away at it. To help prevent this, wooden planks are placed in a pressure treatment facility. A liquid preservative is pumped into the chamber, allowing it to coat the wood and wood grain. Once this preservative is pumped in, the chamber is then pressurized to force the liquid into the pores of the wood, helping make sure it is weather-resistant, insect tolerant and will deteriorate slower.

Q: What do I do next?

Step 1: Determine your design and the amount you would like to invest in your project.  Next, call us if you would like to schedule a site inspection appointment (service fee associated).  Then we can begin the process!

Step 2: Secure financing.

Step 3: Set an installation date and get excited about your new Outdoor Living space!

Step 4: Watch installation as it happens.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) accepted up to a maximum amount. Credit card payments will be charged an additional Convenience Fee.  All final payments to be made within 1 day after completion.  Checks are accepted, however if CMR has a returned check that will result in an additional $50.00 fee charged to the customer, per week, that final payment is late.

We also offer financing to those that qualify.  Contact us for more details!