LOUVERED ROOF – Traditional Style

Operable Pergolas are often called Louvered Roofs.  These roofs are designed to let you take control of the weather.  Our unique louvered system will open and close with the push of a button.  The roof can open up to reveal the lattice top of a pergola when the weather is nice and you want to enjoy maximum sunshine and views. When closed, it forms a solid water-tight roof when you want protection from the sun or inclement weather.  The control box easily mounts to your home and also comes with a remote key fob.

Don’t let the rain drive you inside…enjoy it…under your new Operable Pergola! These structures can be free-standing or attached to the home. Worried about the wind and snow? You will be getting professional grade materials that are rated to withstand winds up to a category 4 hurricane, as well as a snow load rated up to 80 pounds per square foot.


– Return lip to reduce post rain dripping

– Heavy-duty fully extruded aluminum for superior strength

– Strong structural columns

– Peel and crack resistant

– Fade resistant finish

– Tested ability to withstand high snow and wind load


Attached to the home


Louvers that open and close


Roll down screen


Electrical plug


Water tight when closed

  • Top Quality Materials

  • Thermal Protection

  • Maintenance Free

  • Certified Installers

  • Quick Installation

  • Expert Engineering

In addition to the features listed, your Operable Pergola will have a slow-motion motor that opens and closes the louvered roofing panels using a 500-lb push/pull force that you can activate using a remote control or control box.

These Pergola structures are backed by an exclusive limited lifetime transferable warranty. We have total faith in the quality of our products and want our customers to have peace of mind with their investments.

LOUVERED ROOF – Modern Style

If a modern look is more of your style, then this Operable Pergola is just for you!  This louvered system will also open and close with the push of a button. When the roof is closed, it’s water tight and creates the look of a tongue and groove ceiling.  The interlocking system channels the water into the full perimeter gutter system.  The louvers and components are available in standard colors (White, Sand, Bronze, Pewter or Slate) that will compliment any architectural design.  Made from high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum components that prevent warping, cracking or deformation.

These structures can be free-standing or attached to the home.  This systems also works well for commercial properties or outdoor dining.  Finishes and materials are warrantied for 15 years. Electrical and drive actuators are covered for 5 years.